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Teatox Reviews: Stay Lean Tea

Stay Lean Tea is a non-laxative teatox

There are currently lots of different teatox reviews from a range of different teatox companies. The majority of teatoxes promote the idea of losing weight by using laxatives that ‘flush out’ the digestive system. The term ‘laxative’ is thrown around a lot without much consideration to the science behind it, so we will break it down in simple terms. Basically, laxatives are substances that increase bowel movements by boosting the reduction of undigested food in the intestine colon. The laxative ingredients in most teatoxes are stimulant laxatives (e.g. Senna), which work by stimulating the lining of the intestine which accelerates the speed of stool passing through the body (causing you to rush to the bathroom). However, stool is not the only thing that passes through your body – much needed nutrients, water and electrolytes and are also excreted in the process. The weight loss resulted from consuming laxatives is only water-weight, not fat. Once the consumption of laxatives has stopped the weight will always bounce-back.

What is the best teatox? 

Unlike the majority of teatoxes Stay Lean Tea does NOT contain any laxatives. Instead, our ingredients include natural fat burners and antioxidant rich blends that focus on delivering nutrients to the body, not flushing them out. As part of our detox program we encourage strong digestive function by eating healthy and drinking lots of water. This approach combined with Stay Lean Tea has a major impact on weight loss. Take a look a look for yourself - The teatox reviews below are from our customers at the end of their programs:

 from sabineyboo

@sabineyboo - “So I’ve done a few teatoxes in the past - with Skinny Me Tea, which uses laxatives. I found the effect soo strong and I would get stomach pains and stuff, but I did it coz i thought it was good, with little result. Then I found Stay Lean Tea which is laxative free so i wanted to try. My body is a temple so I wanted to treat it right. Stay Lean Tea was my kickstart to my body now.. it helped kicked my cravings and just led to me to generally crave healthier options. This result is the combo of Stay Lean Tea healthy eating and exercise! I should note this is about 8 weeks apart though. Anyway, overall Stay Lean Tea was an amazing start to my new life. I totally recommend it. thanks!! :-)
for Stay Lean Tea

Anonymous customer - “I started drinking your tea along with Kaylas bikini body guide and i have to say it gives me such a boost of energy every day. I find that it helps with my cravings as well and its made transitioning into healthier eating much much easier! As you can see in the pic its worked mircales with my bloating. Thank you.”
 from itsninaryan

@itsninaryan - “Hey there, I remember getting an email to track my progress on the Stay Lean Tea Program, this is the result from the 14 Day Teatox and I am honestly so happy with the end result :). First picture is of the first day starting, second picture is half way and last photo is finish of the 14 day Teatox. I am definitely going to be buying myself some more, it is so easy and simple and good way to get off the excessive fat gained. I haven’t felt so good in ages, thank you!”
 with krystalmunro

@krystalmunro - “Such a happy kitten. I love your tea and I’m so happy with the results, only a few weeks from using your tea, haven’t got the chance to excursive yet, but i feel so much better! I’m blown away!! So embarrassing how I looked and felt before, thank you so much”.
Additional  from poppythepop

@poppythepop03 - “Thank you @stayleantea i really love the end results.. I knew that it was woking because when I first started to drink it I felt pretty energised and I started to see the improvement on the same and size of my body and i do love your work so keep it up :)
More reviews from teatox customer chloe.jayne

@chloe.jayne - “Photos taken only 9 days apart and i can already see the difference ! No more bloating or extra chubby on the belly as you can tell i’m happy with the results ! I wore the same outfit to see the comparison proper and to show that this can change the way you look and get rid of unwanted fat.”
jecaevers teatox experience

@jecaevers - “A friend was raving about Stay Lean Tea and actually gave me a 14 Day Teatox as a gift. I was sceptical but, man, my opinion changed after the first few days! I felt lighter and less bloated, and I even felt like I had more energy somehow. I think Stay Lean Tea is going to be part of my lifestyle from now on because it makes me feel so good! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who feels like their body needs to be detoxed and revived.”
Aubrey_zeiler's experience with her teatox

@aubrey_zeiler - “Thank you so much for creating such a great detox program! I enjoyed the tea very much and feel that it did help to tone and curb hunger as well, I only did the 14 Day teatox and already saw some results. I’m planning on trying the 28 Day Teatox next!"
arolinehollensbe trying the 14 Day Teatox

@carolinehollensbe - “So excited with my results after two rounds of the 14 Day Teatox! A friend gave me a pack and the first two weeks I lost 11 pounds!! This has given me nothing but great results and a toned body! I would recommend it to anyone.”
Stay Lean Tea customer

@jesslouiseclifton - “Finished my 14 day @stayleantea ! Feeling great finally lost that little extra baby weight that wouldn’t go! i can’t wait to get more ❤︎!”


Anonymous customer teatox reivew.

Lets get something straight: expelling bodily fluids using laxatives is not a healthy detox and does not lead to sustainable weight loss.  The dangerous side effects of using laxatives are well documented. They include: nausea and vomiting, dizziness caused from dehydration as water is expelled from the body, stomach cramps, diarrhoea and extensive use can lead to permanent intestinal damage. Your body is a temple so be smart about what you put into your body. These Stay Lean Teatox Australia reviews show it is possible to lose weight without using unhealthy laxatives.

What are you waiting for? If you're convinced with our teatox reviews, try our 28 Day Detox Tea Program today.
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