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Ambassador Profiles: Izzy Poulin

Izzy was raised on the beaches of San Diego California and has been surfing her whole life. Her passion for competitive surfing combined with her positive outlook has made Izzy an extremely confident and outgoing girl who is always up for a challenge. In addition to surfing she also loves kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, yoga and is also an expert tennis player who has competed at varsity level in US college tournaments.

Not only is she an athletic all rounder - she has the beauty to match. You may have seen her face across a range of fashion and swimwear campaigns including Odina Swimwear and regular spots in Women’s Surf Style Magazine. She was also named Miss September by Transworld surf. Her dream is to catch a wave with dolphins and to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. 

Izzy loves how the Stay Lean Tea Detox Program includes 2 separate tea blends – an energy boosting blend (Lean Burner) and a relaxing blend (Lean Cleanse). She drinks the Lean Burner right before she goes surfing for the energy boost and the Lean Cleanse after her surf to wind down. 


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