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Tea information
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Do you post Stay Lean Tea internationally?

Yes. We post everywhere in the world. Check delivery times and costs below:


How long does Shipping/delivery take?

Australia: 2-5 business days

USA: 10 - 14 business days

Canada: 12 - 15 business days

NZ: 6 - 8 business days

Europe: 10 - 14 business days

Asia: 6 - 10 business days

Rest of world: 10 - 15 business days 


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping to Australia and New Zealand is FREE.

Shipping to the rest of the world is free when you spend over $60 AUD. If you spend under $60 shipping costs $6.99 AUD.



What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, credit and debit cards.


Why are the prices different when I reach checkout?

Because the prices at checkout are converted and processed in Australian Dollars (AUD). 


Tea information

How does Stay Lean Tea work?

The Detox Program contains 2 separate blends that have been formulated using different ratios of the key ingredient Longjing green leaf. This rare leaf is loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and catechins. When these blends are combined they work together to stimulate fat loss while replenishing your body with nutrients.

The process can be broken down into three phases:

We believe in a healthy long-term weight loss solution and we do not believe in using laxatives. We guarantee you won’t be running to the toilet during the detox.

Should I do the 14 Day Program or the 28 Day Program?

If you are looking for a quick cleanse to kickstart your healthy lifestyle we suggest the 14 Day Detox Program. However If you are looking for weight loss results we strongly recommend doing the 28 Day Detox Program.


What are the ingredients in Stay Lean Tea?

Lean Burner Blend:
Longjing green leaf, Pu'erh Tea Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Lotus leaf, Lemon Grass, Oolong leaf, Goji Berry.

Lean Cleanse Blend:
Longjing green leaf, Chamomile, Chrysanthemum, Rose flower, Lavender, Roselle, Lemon Grass.

The key ingredient is the rare leaf Longjing which is loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and catechins that work together to stimulate fat loss and detoxify the body.


Is the tea loose leaf or does it come in pyramid tea bags?

The tea is packed into individual pyramid tea bags for convenience.


Is Stay Lean Tea gluten free?

Our tea is 100% gluten free and does not contain any laxatives.


Does Stay Lean Tea contain caffeine?

The Detox Programs contain a very small amount of naturally occurring caffeine from the green tea leaves. This gives the metabolism a boost and increases energy levels.

Stress Less Tea contains no caffeine.


What does Stay Lean Tea taste like?

Unlike other weight loss teas, Stay Lean Tea has an extremely pleasant taste. We have specifically formulated the tea to not only promote weight loss but to taste great as well. Our blends taste like green tea mixed with a soothing hint of lemon.


What are the instructions/directions for consuming the tea?

The tea has been packed into small pyramid tea bags for convenience. 

Lean Burner Blend:

Consume 1 cup everyday in the morning after breakfast: 1 tea bag in boiling water for 2 - 4 minutes

Lean Cleanse Blend:

Consume 1 cup every second day in the evening before dinner: 1 tea bag in

boiling water for 2 - 4 minutes


Can guys drink Stay Lean Tea?

Yes of course. The results are not gender specific.


During the detox

What should I eat and drink during the Detox?

We recommend drinking 2-3 litres of water per day combined with a healthy and balanced diet for optimal results. 


Do I need to exercise while drinking Stay Lean Tea?

If you want to maximise your weight loss results then we suggest exercising for half an hour a day - this can make a big difference. Even just 30 minutes of brisk walking can maximise the results.


Can I drink Stay Lean Tea for longer than 28 days?

Yes you can. Our tea has 100% natural ingredients and does not contain any laxatives. This means you are able to continually drink the tea for months at a time. However we do recommend having a 2 week break after 3 months of continuous use.


Side effects

Is Stay Lean Tea safe to drink?

YES. All ingredients are 100% natural and laxative free.

However we do not recommend drinking Stay Lean Tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.


What negative side effects should I expect during The Detox?

You should not experience any negative side effects during the duration of your Detox. Although not common, you may experience a slightly upset stomach for the first couple of days. This is nothing to worry about and signifies that the tea has begun its detox.


Does Stay Lean Tea have a laxative effect?

Our tea blends are digestive aids and do NOT contain any laxatives. Using laxatives for weight loss can be dangerous and is not something we promote. You will definitely NOT be running to the toilet during the Detox.


Can I drink Stay Lean Tea while breastfeeding or pregnant?

We do not recommend drinking Stay Lean Tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.



Where do I enter my discount code?

You can enter your discount code at the very last stage of checkout after completing your payment details.


Does Stay Lean Tea actually work?

Yes it does. Have a look at our reviews page.