The only 100% natural detox tea with NO laxatives

Stay Lean Tea takes a different approach to detoxing and weight loss. Instead of using laxatives like other ‘weight loss tea’ brands, our
ingredients consist of herbal ingredients loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and catechins that work together to boost the metabolism and cleanse the body naturally.

The key ingredient is Longjing Green Leaf which has been used for centuries as a natural thermogenic fat burner. Results from our Detox Programs can generally be seen and felt after the first week. 




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All of our frequently asked questions relating to Stay Lean Tea can be viewed on our FAQ page. The information below is general information on Australian detox teas for weight loss.

What does detox tea do ?

If you want to lose weight by speeding up the metabolism, suppressing appetite, reduce bloating and naturally cleansing the body, you have come to the right place. Detox tea (commonly referred to as teatox) is made from herbal tea leaves which are blended with different types of herbs. The purpose of using tea for detoxing is to cleanse the body, detoxify the liver and remove toxins from the digestive tract. A tea detox is the perfect remedy if you have started feeling tired, sluggish, experiencing unwanted weight gain or you feel like you need a healthy teatox. Should I start a tea detox program? How do I detox my body with tea? The world is full of various different toxins, pesticides and chemicals that enter the body on a daily basis. These toxins often consist of free-radicals and oxidising substances that can be detrimental to the body’s immunity. Starting the Stay Lean Tea Program combined with a tea detox diet, will allow your body to kick-start the metabolism and give your entire system a healthy restart that it deserves. Our 28 Day Detox Tea is used to cleanse the body naturally, while also eliminating harmful toxins from the digestive tract, which are caused from a range of toxins.

What are the benefits of tea detoxing?

h2> Below are a list of health benefits that occur when you include weight loss tea in your lifestyle regime. It also may assist the metabolism with a strong boost, burn fat and calories, suppresses appetite for a long period of time, remove toxins from the digestive tract, enhance nutrient absorption, reduce bloating and water retention, increase energy levels and boost the immune system. These are some of the benefits for using the best tea for detox. How can I lose weight with detox tea? Have you tried lots of different weight loss programs in the past without achieving any noticeable results? When starting a weight loss program, it can be very discouraging to see the weight bounce back afterwards. Losing weight can become very difficult with all the available detox diet programs currently on the market. The first thing you should do is start detoxifying your body to first remove the toxins. This is why Stay Lean is the most effective detox-tea and also the most effective weight loss cleanse. It detoxifies the body before speeding up the metabolic rate and burning fat. Processed and unhealthy foods can be the main determinant of weight gain. Detox teas consist of natural properties which flush harmful pollutants out of our digestive tract. These herbal ingredients become very effective at detoxification and assisting our body in losing weight.

For thousands of years ancient herbalists have utilised herbal ingredients for medicinal benefits. The same herbs that were used in ancient times are still used today such as detoxification of our digestive system and fast weight loss. Full body detoxification assists our bodies in getting rid of these toxins via colon cleanse, liver cleanse and also through antioxidants. Antioxidant tea properties in Stay Lean Tea come from the Goji berries. These Goji berries release much needed vitamins, nutrients and catechins. In order to achieve healthy weight loss results you need to detoxify the liver and apply the best detox diet. We advise using our detox water bottle to consume the optimal amount of water while on the detox diet. Slimming teas have been specifically chosen to help you achieve this type of fast weight loss. Stay Lean Tea sources the highest quality 100% natural loose leaf teas to formulate the best detox tea Australia in 2016.

What is teatox? What is the difference between teatox and detox tea ?

The term detox tea and teatox can be used interchangeably. However the majority of teatoxes often contain laxative ingredients that make you want to go to the toilet. This is not a healthy way of losing weight, as a teatox will tend to just flush out water weight, not fat. After a teatox, it is likely that the weight will come back. Conversely, detox teas will generally have more cleansing properties and usually not have a laxative effect. Stay Lean Tea has no laxatives what so ever, which is why it has been referred to as the best weight loss tea of 2016. This ensures that once the body loses weight, it doesn’t come back. What are are teatox side effects? This is a a question that is asked a lot – is teatox safe? Stay Lean Tea is 100% safe as it does not contain any laxatives and the ingredients are all 100% natural. Our teas are all gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and are made without using any pesticides. We recommend eating a healthy and balanced diet while using any type of weightloss tea. You should also be consuming around 2 litres of water and eating meals at 2 -3 hours interval. We recommend our teas for people over the age of 16. There has been lots of skinny teatox reviews from a range of different teatox brands including skinnyme tea reviews and skinny-teatox review. However, the majority of these teatox reviews may not verify their results. Below you can find our tea detox results, which are verified and cross checked for authenticity: "I felt so good after completing the Stay Lean Tea 28 Day tea detox program. I was finally able to lose some stubborn stomach fat and achieve my weightloss tea goals without having to cut out too much from my diet :)" By Sarah L. "I really enjoyed the 14 Day Detox Program. I initially thought that 14 days or 2 weeks was not long enough to see any changes to my body. I was actually so wrong and noticed a flatter tummy after 1 week! I definitely slimmed down and am going back for my next order." By Alison T. "Stay Lean Tea actually tastes soo yummy and does not taste like the majority of other teatoxes from Australia that I have tried. They use 100% natural ingredients and you can tell the ingredients are high quality because they actually help you to lose weight. I’ve already started craving healthier foods and it has also curbed my sugar cravings." By Kara S. For more of our weight loss tea reviews check out our detox tea reviews.

What is the best teatox for weight loss ? What is the best tea for detox ?

If you are looking for an effective teatox that helps you lose weight without using laxatives then Stay Lean Tea is for you. Both our 28 and 14 Day Detox tea along with our Bundle and Besties pack will help you burn fat, suppress appetite and make you feel generally more healthy. Many of our customers have tried dozens of different teatoxes and admit that Stay Lean Tea is by far the best teatox brand. You can feel confident that we have the best teatox Australia has to offer. Our detoxification program will naturally cleanse the body and speed up the metabolism If you are still not convinced head over to our customer reviews. Here you will find tons of customers who have used our Australian teatox to help them detoxiy their body and achieve health goals..